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New in groovy

(!) This package is still experimental. Feedback from early users are appreciated.


% rqt

And choose Launch from Plugins menu.

See rqt/UserGuide#Running_rqt_plugins for more options.


Sample image using KDE: launch top window Sample image using Gnome: launch top window

Feature implemented

Users can:

What rqt_launch does NOT do

This list is just a clarification/disclaimer. Enhancement request is welcomed at Bugtracker (link is available at Package Summary of this page).

Difference between roslaunch

As noted here, roslaunch doesn't guarantee that the nodes start running in any order. In rqt_launch, however, nodes get started in the order in the .launch file (still doesn't mean that each process finished initialization procedure in the started order - it depends on how much time they take).

Design discussion

2024-07-13 14:38