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Sensors supported by ROS

There are several robotics sensors that are supported by official ROS packages and many more supported by the ROS community. While not comprehensive, the featured sensors are documented and should have stable interfaces.


Portal pages help you install and use ROS software with specific types of sensors. Each portal page also has information about tutorials and documentation of common interfaces.

2D range finders

3D Sensors

Pose Estimation (GPS + IMU)


Sensor Interfaces

Complete Listing

1. 1D range finders

2. 2D range finders

3. 3D Sensors (range finders & RGB-D cameras)

4. Audio / Speech Recognition

5. Cameras / Optical Sensors

6. Enviromental

7. Force/Torque/Touch Sensors

8. Motion Capture

9. Pose Estimation (GPS/IMU)

10. Power Supply

11. RFID

12. Sensor and IO Interfaces

13. Speed

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