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Package Summary

This Package provides launch files for running Care-O-bot with the ROS navigation stack.

Hardware Requirements

To use this package you need either a real Care-O-bot or you can use a simulated one.


The cob_2dnav package uses the ROS navigation stack to navigate with the robot.


Building all packages needed for cob_2dnav

rosdep install cob_2dnav
rosmake cob_2dnav

Make sure you started either a real robot or a simulated one using cob_bringup.

Start the 2D navigation with

roslaunch cob_2dnav 2dnav.launch

Using rviz to localize the robot and send goals to the navigation

Please localize the robot and send some navigation goals following the rviz navigation stack tutorial.

Using the Care-O-bot dashboard

If the robot is localized you can use the cob_dashboard to send navigation goals.

Sending goals from code

A tutorial on sending goals to the navigation stack with code can be found here.

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