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Package overview

The package is divided into different folders, one folder per environment. The environments can be selected by setting the environment variable ROBOT_ENV. Please find a detailed explanation of the ROBOT_ENV usage on the main Care-O-bot site.

Map information

For each environment there's a map.pgm and a map.yaml file which are used inside the navigation packages cob_navigation by the map_server.

Predefined navigation goals

Inside this package there is a launch file which loads the predefined navigation goals to the parameter server to the /script_server/base namespace used by cob_script_server.

Configuring predefined navigation goals

The predefined navigation goals are defined in navigation_goals.yaml, an example file could look like this

home: [0, 0, 0]
order: [1, -0.5, -0.7]
kitchen: [-2.04, 0.3, 0]

Here you specify a 2D pose with in a 2D map, this means x- and y-position as well as the theta orientation around the z-axis in the /map frame.

Command_gui parameters

You can configure the buttons displayed by the cob_command_gui using the command_gui_buttons.yaml file which is defined for each environemt. The typical format of this file is:

  group_name: <group_name>
  component_name: <component_name>
  buttons: [[button_name1,function_name1,parameter_name2,

An example could be

buttons: [[home,move,home],

Populating the environment with objects

Definition of the positions of objects

The positions of the objects are defined in a yaml file for each environment, you can redefine these positions in cob_default_env_config/config/ROBOT_ENV/object_locations.yaml:

milk:                          #model_name
  model: milk                  #object_name (in cob_gazebo_objects/objects)
  model_type: urdf             #Available types: urdf, model and urdf.xacro
  position: [-2.95, 0.0, 1.02] #xyz
  orientation: [0, 0, 0]       #rpy

Spawning or removing objects

see cob_bringup_sim

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