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This package contains no ROS nodes or utility commands.

It provides C++ and Python classes and functions for working with geodetic coordinate systems.


All C++ symbols defined by this package reside in the geodesy namespace.

These coordinate types are currently supported, each with its own C++ header file:

WGS 84

This is the base type for communicating geodetic information between ROS nodes, using geographic_msgs/GeoPoint and geographic_msgs/GeoPose messages.


This is a slight generalization of the Universal Transverse Mercator projection. It includes grid information from the Military Grid Reference System, and can be extended to support Universal Polar Stereographic zones at the poles, which are outside and supplementary to the UTM scheme.

Being a Mercator projection, these coordinates permit local navigation using a close approximation of Euclidean geometry, much simpler than the ellipsoidal geometry of latitude and longitude.

Python API

All Python modules defined by this package reside in the geodesy namespace.

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