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NOTE: The recommended way of using Prosilica cameras in ROS is through the driver in prosilica_camera. You need only use this package directly if you are writing your own software for interacting with Prosilica cameras without going through ROS.

Command-line Tools

The package builds several example programs from the SDK that are useful for configuring cameras. All of them can be run from anywhere with:

$ rosrun prosilica_gige_sdk EXE_NAME [OPTIONS]


A GUI application for viewing the camera image feed and changing camera parameters. Useful for getting a feel for the camera and its many controls.

In ROS these functions are decoupled: the prosilica_camera node interfaces with the camera, the image feed can be viewed with image_view, and dynamic_reconfigure can be used to change certain camera parameters.


$ SampleViewer


Continually display the list of cameras connected to the local subnet. Will not find cameras across an IP gateway; if you know the camera IP address try Ping. If you do not know the IP address see How to Determine Your Prosilica GigE Camera's IP Address.


$ ListCameras


Get the serial number, name and network configuration of a camera at a known IP address.


$ Ping <IP>


General-purpose tool to get or set a camera's network configuration. Run with no arguments for options. For setting a new camera's IP address, the set_ip tool in prosilica_camera is simpler.


Lists all attributes of the camera with their current values. Optionally takes an IP address, otherwise queries a camera on the local subnet.


$ ListAttributes [IP]


Hard-resets the camera.


$ ResetCamera <IP>

Due to licensing concerns, the SDK sample programs are no longer built or distributed with this package.

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