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Rosbridge server is part of the rosbridge_suite of packages, providing a WebSocket transport layer. A WebSocket is a low-latency, bidirectional communication layer between clients (web browsers) and servers. By providing a WebSocket connection, rosbridge server allows webpages to talk ROS using the rosbridge protocol.

Rosbridge server creates a WebSocket connection and passes any JSON messages from the WebSocket to rosbridge_library, so rosbridge library can convert the JSON strings into ROS calls. The reverse also happens, with rosbridge library converting any ROS responses into JSON, then passing it to rosbridge server to send over the WebSocket connection.

Check out roslibjs for a JavaScript library that talks to rosbridge server over WebSockets.

Other Transport Layers

While rosbridge server provides a WebSocket connection, rosbridge itself is not tied to any particular transport layer. You could add a rosbridge TCP package or node, for example, that communicates with rosbridge using TCP sockets. No WebSockets or browsers needed. Pull requests for these additional transport layers are encouraged!

2024-07-06 14:30