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  1. Overview
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The Willow Garage 100 Mbps Ethernet (WGE100) camera is a 752x480 Ethernet camera developed for the PR2 robot. This package contains the source code for the camera hardware and firmware. If you want to develop or change the camera firmware, everything you need is in this package. If you only want to use the WGE100 cameras, see package wge100_camera.

The Verilog source for the camera firmware is under src/hardware, with the main Makefile in src/hardware/synth/Makefile. You will need Xilinx ISE Webpack 11.1 or 11.3 to build the FPGA .bit file.

The Forth source code for the J1 CPU is under src/firmware, see readme.txt for build details. You do not need the Xilinx tools to update the camera firmware.


All robots in WG are running the latest camera firmware. All robots have the xorline feature enabled.

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