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Running the plugs demo

You need to install the 'pr2 plugs' stack of ROS (see installation instructions). On Ubuntu, this means:

 $ sudo apt-get install ros-fuerte-pr2-plugs


Follow the PR2 Plugs Itself In tutorial.


Before you can run on the PR2 robot, you need a robot-specific calibration in /etc/ros/plugs/hw_calibration.yaml:

  y: 0.0
  z: 0.0

Depending on where the plug hits the outlet, you'll need to in/de-crease the calibration offset:


The plug offsets are reloaded from the parameter server before every plug attempt. After changing the offsets, load the file into the parameter server before retrying:

 $ rosparam load /etc/ros/plugs/hw_calibration.yaml

Now launch the code:

 $ roslaunch pr2_plugs_actions  pr2_base_application.launch
 $ roslaunch pr2_plugs_actions  plug_actions.launch run_sim:=0

To plug in:

  $ rosrun pr2_plugs_actions  app_plugin.py

And to unplug:

  $ rosrun pr2_plugs_actions  app_unplug.py

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